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Don’t let that content go
to waste.

Whether you’re an independent or in-house adjuster, you’ve seen it hundreds of times. You’re working on another commercial claim and the Insured has contents that are being written off but you think
“if only I had a market, someone would pay good money for these goods, even in this state!”

Consolidated has decades of experience assessing small and large, complex commercial losses from coast to coast. Our retail outlet in Mississauga has liquidated even some of the most unusual goods over our 43 years of business. With thousands of people passing through our doors each week, and a social media presence that reaches tens of thousands, if something can be sold on the salvage market, Consolidated will see it done and help mitigate your Insurer’s losses with the speed that you need.

Our facilities are equipped to be as flexible as your next salvage stock requires. We have the reputation of strict adherence to Brands & Labels from even the most discerning of national brands. So, when your Insured’s policy dictates discretion, Consolidated’s staff are also experts in respecting a diverse customization of coverage.

Whether the loss remains on site at the Insured’s property, or has been removed to a restoration company or another storage facility, Chris and Dan are ready to travel anywhere in Ontario and across Canada to present you a salvage assessment.

The future is green; place a call to Consolidated on your next commercial claim and let’s partner together to keep your Insured’s contents out of the landfill and into the hands of the salvage market.

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